Cute Kawaii Jurishi


Q: Do you make Layouts?

A: Yes I make Layouts if you see.


Q: Do you make Custom Layouts?

A: Yes I make them but check my shop if I'm full.


Q: Can you make my Layout first?

A: No, it depends in the order list.


Q: What time it takes to you to finished my Layout?

A: It depends in: If is a "Custom" it will take like 2 weeks or less, for the "Layouts For Sale" will take 1 week cuz I have the code ready. Dont Rush me!! I study in college ok!


Q: Can I send you the Layout order via Message?

A: Don't even try to do that cuz I will not take the order.


Q: Can I add you?

A: Why?


Q: Do you make Catalog Icons?

A: Yes, I make them.


Q: Can you make me a Badge?

A: Yes, it depends in what you want.


Q: Can you change one of the free layouts for me?

A: Yes, but it will cost you 800cr.


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