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First of all, I hope you enjoy the layouts I made, these layouts are for free and if I charge for layouts, it will be cheaper :) that is for Personal Custom Layouts and Product Layouts.


I hope no one will bother with these message ;P


What Jurishi does:

Homepage Layouts (for guys too)

Product Layouts

Catalog Icon

Graphics (normal and pixel)

Coding (Imvu, Websites, Tumblr, Blogger etc.)


Layout Shop: Standby

Custom Layouts: Closed

Do "not" send me credits until I confirm the order cuz I will decline you if you do it, cuz I have a lot of thing to do in my life.

Hi, I hope you enjoy the layout of IMVU that I did, but there is some instructions. Please READ all.


Please give credit for what I did, do not delete the credit.

Do not resell my work.

If you don't know how to use the code ask and no complains here please.

I have 2 type of code for the layout (Iframe (with account) and Dynamic Div) ask for it.

I recommend you to follow strictly the instructions.

Don't rush me to finish the code or layout, cuz I have a life.

If you want one of my layout for only your use ask.

If you have problems with the layout, ask me. :)

Do not edit the Layout Image I forbid you!.

If you have problems with my layout in a matter of other topics, PM me.

And Yes I do layouts for other browsers.

If you want Product Layout or Catalog Icons ask.

Keep in mind that I received all in the emails, sales reports, given credits etc. So don't try to fool me ok! and there is No refunds.


Thanks for using my layout if you have ideas tell me, if you want a special layout ask me. :) the perfect view for the FREE layouts is Firefox only.


Keep in touch I'm gonna make more with Iframe too :) and don't copy, resell or another wrong sh!t :)

To see the free layouts Click Here ♥

Click Here to see the layout for sale: Click

For the Custom Layouts and Products Layouts:

Price: 1000cr

  For the Layouts on Sale:

Price: 800cr


✖ If you are Guest on IMVU you have to buy a sticker, IF YOUR'RE NOT send credits with the name Jurishi here:!" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here ♥


✖ Remember too if you buy the sticker you have to pay more cuz IMVU charge for taxes and I will received exactly the payment I ask, I recommend you to give credits for you do not pay more.


Keep in mind that I received all in the emails, sales reports, given credits etc. So don't try to fool me ok! and there is No refunds.

✖ For your privacy send me this in a PM and for the free ones post here:


Layouts for Sale ♥

Layouts for Sale ♥

♥ Username:

♥ Layout #/Name:

♥ Browser:

♥ Type Of Code:

♥ Price +?:

♥ Email, Msn or Webs Account:

♥ Send credits:

Free Layout: ♥

Free Layout ♥

♥ Layout Name:

♥ Browser:

♥ What you need:




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I don't really understand about the order and payment..please explain..

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I'm using the Cute Pink Skulls Layout and I am familiar with coding but not with IMVU coding. Please provide simpler directions because mine does not look right.

I AM using mozilla firefox.

Thank you !! :D


And by the way, I adore your layout !! <3



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Leota Beltran
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im having alot of issues with one of the free layouts.

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