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About Jurishi

Basic Info:
Call me: Jurishi
Birthday: 16/Jan
Status: Taken
Horoscope: Capricorn
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Red
Body Type: Normal
Drinks: Yes
Location Nana's World
Here for: Friends & Help

So my name is Julisis, people call me Juli or Jurishi, born in the U.S., since my childhood I was gifted, friendly, outgoing, cafre, a true friend, rare for many people and so on. In the interests I like Japanese culture, Visual Kei, music (J-rock, J-pop, K-pop, Dubstep, Hardcore/Punk, Industrial, Trip-Hop, Electronic music & moreeee), games because im a gamer since childhood, dancing whatever, hang out with friends in any environment, modeling, rock shows, eat a lot, mosh, see anime, candies, cats and more or rather much more :P. I hate fake people, talking shit, drama, mayonnaise and pickles with all my heart, sluts, attention whores, cocky people, dramaqueens, people that don't say the truth in your face, among other things. And there are more things to say about me but I try to be as short as possible but I din't if u see lol. If you don't know me don't talk shit because I will be more than good with a lot of patience and all that, but if I get touch, horribly pissed or hit I don't know how I will react cuz I can lose my mind, (use ur logic imagination = Punch Your face until I get tired, You will hate me or I'll Kill You) ... you know this is only the beginning of my info byeez ^ - ^ Mini Moving Heart

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